Friday, 3 January 2014

Bout of Books Read-a-thon 9.0 - Goals

Bout of Books

Hello, Kittykats!
I am here to post my goals for the BoB Read-a-thon. 
I don't want to pressure myself too much, so I will only have a few:

  • Read a review book     completed
  • Read a book from a series  completed
  • Read a book I've had for a long time  completed
  • Read a book 450+ pages  completed
  • Read a library book   completed

I think I would be happy even if I read 3 books, but I'll try my best =)



  1. Great goals. I especially like the book for a long time one. I have so many on my shelves that I need to get around to reading, so I should probably do that as well.
    I hope you finish all of your goals.
    I can't wait for the challenge to start.

    1. Yeah I thought that one is a good one haha.
      Thank you! I hope so too!! And you!! =D
      Same! I'm excitedddddd xD

  2. Great way to go about making your goals. I have included one clunker with 828 pages, a little nervous of it!

    1. Thank you!
      Good luck with that! I may leave mine last haha

  3. Great goals! :) I am trying to make sure I take care of the books I have had for awhile this year too. I have manage to build up quite the pile this past year. My Goals

    Happy Reading!