Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Top Ten Tuesday | Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me NOT Pick Up A Book

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Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me NOT Pick Up A Book

  •  Western novels - Like eww. Can't be dealing with cowboys.
  • Horror - I'm not a big fan of horror.
  • Marriage - Can't be dealing with that. I'm too young for that myself lol.
  • Detective/crime - No, not for me.
  • Aliens - I'm not really a big fan of alien books. 
  • Non-fiction - I'm not really keen.
  • Auto-biography - Doesn't interest me whatsoever.
  • Divorce - Let's be honest: it's depressing.
  • Cancer - It's not nice, and I'm not keen on reading about it.
  • Animal violence - It honestly makes me feel sick.
 So that's it. Those are my choices and reasons. Let me know yours below. Happy reading!!
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  1. I hate reading books about animal violence, I always end up a crying mess.....and cancer....don't get me started on that. But Aliens.....I have to admit I love them! Great list!!!
    My TTT

    1. Yeah it's just gross. It makes me SO angry. I'm just not sure on aliens yet haha xD

  2. Good list, I also don't like reading westerns, cancer books, crime books or non-fiction.