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Review: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Title: Unearthly
Author: Cynthia Hand
Publisher: Egmont
Rating: 5/5 Stars


In the beginning, there's a boy standing in the trees . . . .
Clara Gardner has recently learned that she's part angel. Having angel blood run through her veins not only makes her smarter, stronger, and faster than humans (a word, she realizes, that no longer applies to her), but it means she has a purpose, something she was put on this earth to do. Figuring out what that is, though, isn't easy.

Her visions of a raging forest fire and an alluring stranger lead her to a new school in a new town. When she meets Christian, who turns out to be the boy of her dreams (literally), everything seems to fall into place and out of place at the same time. Because there's another guy, Tucker, who appeals to Clara's less angelic side.

As Clara tries to find her way in a world she no longer understands, she encounters unseen dangers and choices she never thought she'd have to make between honesty and deceit, love and duty, good and evil. When the fire from her vision finally ignites, will Clara be ready to face her destiny?

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My thoughts:

This was a physical copy that I purchased myself.
I have had this book in my book cupboard for a while, but I've no idea why it has taken me so long to get to it. But I'm glad that I did because the book was just pure awesomeness.
It's written from Clara's point of view. Clara is the main character. 
Straight away from the beginning I was hooked and wanted to know more about this vision, and Clara's powers, etc.
I fell in love with the writing style of this book. 
Clara is a fantastic character, and she described her background well. 
Clara makes friends with some great people at her school, and even gets close with someone unexpected; but that was cute. 
Christian comes across as quite a mysterious character. We don't know a lot about him, and he sort of keeps to himself a lot. 
I really liked Tucker. He was just funny and caring and cute (I think I even liked him more than Christian!).
Clara's mum is just so cool. She is a fantastic mother who cares for her children. 
Clara's brother Jeffrey is cool too. I actually would've liked to see more of him. Maybe in the next book...
Wendy and Angela are the friends Clara makes, and they are great friends. Especially Angela; she was hilarious at times.
Speaking of hilarious things, the book did have humour in various places.
All the characters have different personalities, so it was easy to tell them apart.
Throughout the book I was curious about certain things, like what Christian's secrets are.
I liked the fact that there isn't insta-love with Christian and Clara. It made the story more interesting. 
The cover to this book is absolutely gorgeous.
Overall it was a good book about angels, the storyline was strong and the bonds between characters were great. It wasn't slow anywhere; I was always interested. 
I was sad for it to finish, and the ending left me wanting to read the sequel. Can't wait to get my mouth into it.
So in the end I gave this fantastic book five stars. I definitely recommend this book to all.

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