Sunday, 16 December 2012

Review: Geek Girl by Holly Smale Title: Geek Girl
Author: Holly Smale
Publisher: Harper Collins
Rating: 5/5 stars


"My name is Harriet Manners, and I am a geek"

Harriet Manners is your typical definition of a geek, and she knows it. Even the people around her know it, and the class bully Alexa won't ever let her forget it. Nat is her best friend, and her dream is to be a model, and when on a trip with people from school, Nat spots model agents, and runs off to try to get noticed. Unfortunately for Harriet, she causes a commotion by making a mess of some stalls, and gets pulled away by a guy called Wilbur, who just happens to be part of a talent agency for modelling. As he takes a couple of pictures of Harriet, she runs and hides under a table, which is a place of safety according to her. This is where she meets Nick AKA "Lion boy". Completely in shock that he is hiding under the table before her, he offers her some gum, and her conversation starter just happens to be a random fact about chewing gum being banned in Singapore. Nat then becomes green-eyed with jealousy when she sees the pictures Wilbur took. Harriet discusses the idea of modelling with her father and his other half Annabel. Annabel doesn't like the idea for her to model as she thinks Harriet is too young and needs to study. Burdened with the idea that she has to lie to protect people's feelings, she continues in her journey, along with her father, to try to make herself a better person.


My thoughts:

This is a story about lying, dealing with the profession of modeling and being true to who you are.
This is the first book I have read from Holly Smale, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I love Harriet's character, and how when thrown in a difficult or awkward situation, she will spit out a random fact, and the people just stare at her stunned. I find Harriet's father so amusing, as well as Toby, the boy geek in her class. Wilbur is a class character. Some of the nicknames he calls Harriet are so hilarious and random. I adore all the characters in this book. They are all so lively and happy.
I couldn't see any flaws with this story. I enjoyed every moment, and I thought the ending was rather sweet. I almost feel like there should be a sequel to this...
I like the cover design of the book. The equation doodles on the girl's head are quite funky.
This is one of my favourite extracts from the book:

"It's bur not iam," Wilbur points out, sighing. "The editor of Elle said Harriet was fresh. Harper's said she was delicious. Vogue thought she had unexpected warmth."
"My daughter's not a loaf of bread," Dad points out in surprise.

I gave this book five stars because I really enjoyed it, the characters were interesting, and you can't help but smile as you read along. It really made me laugh so much.
I recommend this book to anyone because I believe others will enjoy it as well as I did. In general, it is a really good teen novel.
Add it to your "to read" list as I give it two thumbs up.

Happy reading =) 


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