Friday, 14 December 2012

December TBR #2

 Here is my latest TBR video. Enjoy.

 If you wish to purchase any of the books I've reviewed, there is a list of the books on the side. Click on the title, and it will re-direct you to the item on the Amazon website.

Take care, y'all 


  1. Hi Katie,
    Love the idea of a video for you TBR books. :)I haven't read any of those. More books to topple my precarious TBR pile!

  2. Well it's nice to show others what you're reading. And I really enjoy doing videos. The two e-books aren't actually released 'til next year. And tell me about it!! My TBR pile is huuuge. I have my own books, then I get requests sent from publishers to review. It's crazy. I'm quite enjoying 'Geek Girl' at the mo, even though I'm nearly 1/4 way through it =)