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Interview | Isaac Marion

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This one is very special, as I have an interview to share with you from the brilliant Isaac Marion.

But first, let's learn more about Isaac and his latest book release 'The Living'

The New York Times bestselling Warm Bodies Series has 
captivated readers in twenty-five languages, inspiring a major film and transcending the zombie 
genre to become something “poetic” (Library 
Journal) “highly original” (Seattle Times) and “ultimately 
moving” (Time Out London). Now the story of a dead man’s search 
for life reaches its conclusion on a scale both epic 
and intimate.

Before he was a flesh-eating corpse, R was something worse. He remembers it all now, a 
life of greed and apathy more destructive than any 
virus, and he sees only one path to redemption: he must 
fight the forces he helped create. But what can R, Julie, and their tiny gang of fugitives do against the 
creeping might of the Axiom Group, the bizarre undead corporation that’s 
devouring what’s left of America?

It’s time for a road trip.

No more flyover country. This time they’ll face the madness on the ground, racing their RV 
across the wastelands as tensions rise and bonds unravel—because R isn’t the only one hiding painful secrets. Everyone is on their own desperate 
search: for a kidnapped daughter, a suicidal mother, and an abused little boy with a gift that could save humanity…if humanity can convince him it’s worth saving.

All roads lead home, to a final confrontation with the plague and its shareholders. But this is a monster that guns can’t kill. A battle only one weapon can win…

Isaac Marion

Isaac Marion grew up in small towns around the Pacific Northwest, pursuing careers in writing, painting, and music until one of these finally sparked with the publication of his debut novel in 2010. WARM BODIES become a New York Times Bestseller, inspired a major film, and was translated into 25 languages. He spent the next eight years writing the rest of the story over the course of four books, now concluded with THE LIVING. He lives and writes on Orcas Island and plays music in Seattle with the band, Thing Quartet.

Now for the exciting part...


1: How long do you spend researching on a book?

I usually just research as I go. I don't exactly write hard science. I like to be accurate when I'm dealing with real things, but I rarely deal with real things. Mostly it's medical questions—"Could someone survive this?"—and little details about vehicles, firearms, etc. I probably spend more time researching names than anything else. I like to find names that mean something relevant to the character. Little easter eggs for anyone interested enough to dig into it.

2: If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Don't waste time or opportunities trying to be a Respected Author. The literary scene is never going to embrace you so don't embarrass yourself trying to court it. Just write what you like, then stand back and see who shows up.
3: Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

I could never imagine doing that. My writing is me. The main reason I started writing was to connect with people and share what's in my head, to feel a little more understood. Writing under a fake name would feel like wearing a mask to a family dinner.

4: What advice can you give for new writers?

Be prepared to make sacrifices. If you treat it like a hobby that you do in your spare time, that's all it will ever be. If you really want to make something, throw yourself into it headfirst. Say no to some parties. Say no to friends, family, and lovers. Lock yourself up on a beautiful summer day when everyone else is out swimming. If you really need to tell that story, it will expand until it fills your life. And it will feel great.

5: Did you always want to be an author?

I always wanted to tell stories. I did it in strange ways for most of my childhood, like making up imaginary video games just so I could write the backstory and draw the characters. I was 14 when it finally occurred to me that authors were humans just like me, not specially trained chosen ones, and there was no reason i couldn't just write a book.

6: What are your top 10 favourite books of all time?

I couldn't even begin to make that list. Even a top 5 would be pushing it. I don't really think in terms of favorites. I don't rank things or put them on a pedestal, it's all just input that I'm absorbing and sometimes it makes me happy, sometimes it doesn't. A random scattering of books I like that pop out of my head in this moment: The Road (Cormac McCarthy) The Dark Tower Series (Stephen King) Everything Matters (Ron Currie Jr) Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevsky) The Lathe of Heaven (Ursula K. Le Guin) and so on...

7: If your house was burning down, what 5 things would you save?

My laptop, my memory drawer, my fan letter drawer, and...a few books I guess? Really just those three things. I own very little of value.

8: You hear on the radio an invasion of zombies are coming. What would you do first?

Charter a boat to sail me to the Principality of Sealand, the micro-nation founded upon a WWII sea platform of which I am a titled Baron.

9: A family member gets bitten, what do you do?

Depends on where, obviously. If it's a limb, chop that shit off with a quickness. If it's trunk, well, probably chain them up and feed them corpses until we figure out a cure.

10: You have to escape your house with 3 items. What do you take?

Wait...we already did this, didn't we? With the fire?

Just testing you, Isaac ;)
Thank you to Isaac for answering my questions.

Thank you for reading this post. 
Don't forget to add The Living to your TBR.
A massive thank you to Method Agency for letting me be a part of this interview.
Keep smiling, keep reading and be happy!!
Thank you for taking the time to read this =)


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