Thursday, 6 November 2014

Books Are My Bag - Favourite Bookshop!

Hello, guys!
Welcome to my first ever blog post about Books Are My Bag; an organisation to help support bookshops.
I love this idea so much.
Bookshops are so important, and every day they are battling against online stores like Amazon.

Today I am going to talk about my favourite bookshops that I love to venture into.
The reason this post is so late is because I recently just visited one and wanted a picture of the inside. I don't visit there often.  

The first bookshop I'm going to talk about is my local bookshop: Fordingbridge Bookshop.
Fordingbridge is where I live, and it is a small and cute village.
I love walking up the road and supporting my local bookshop every now and then.
I really like this shop as it does have a nice amount of all sorts of books and does keep up to date.
They also do a nice deal where for every £10 you spend, you get a stamp. When you collect all 5 stamps, you qualify for the monthly deal like 10% of a purchase.

The next bookshop I'm going to talk about is Waterstones Picadilly. I don't live local to the shop, but my God is it amazing! It has so many floors, and an awesome YA section. They also have a collection of some American editions which I am a MASSIVE fan of. I always end up spending lots whenever I go there.

They also have a nice bar area with tables that you can sit at and have a drink as well as a read. This is a picture taken from a UK Booklover meetup in London with booktubers and bloggers. 

Those are my two favourite bookshops.
What are yours?
Don't forget to support your local book stores!

For more information about Books Are My Bag, visit:

Thanks you to Bookbridgr, and to you for being awesome.


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