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Review: Thorn Abbey by Nancy Ohlin

Title: Thorn Abbey
Author: Nancy Ohlin
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Rating: 3/5 Stars


Becca was the perfect girlfriend: smart, gorgeous, and loved by everyone at New England’s premier boarding school, Thorn Abbey. But Becca’s dead. And her boyfriend, Max, can’t get over his loss. Then Tess transfers to Thorn Abbey. She’s shy, insecure, and ordinary—everything that Becca wasn’t. And despite her roommate’s warnings, she falls for brooding Max. Now Max finally has a reason to move on. Except it won’t be easy. Because Becca may be gone, but she’s not quite ready to let him go… 

 (From Goodreads)

My thoughts: 

I read this e-book online on the website
The story is told from Tess's point of view, and the chapters are fairly short. 
The storyline was interesting enough. It was always making me want to carry on and read more, and I fund I was addicted to it because of that. It had an eerie element to it, and there was confusion and mystery as to what was going on. It turned out most of the things I thought were happening because of that reason, ended up in me being wrong. I honestly didn't know what was going to happen next.  
I felt that the romance element to the story was odd, and I felt it was rushed. The main character Tess fell in love with Max too fast, and she became obsessed with wanting to be with him. I jut didn't believe the romance. 
Tess at times came over really annoying and pathetic in her thoughts and actions. There were moments where I honestly wanted to slap her and tell her to grow up. 
Devon was just an ultimate bitch and so controlling. When she was telling Tess what to do, I came over all angry. I just wish Tess stood up for herself more.
I honestly wish I could like Max more than I did, but unfortunately I didn't. I didn't fall head over heels with him. He was quite a mysterious character.
Killian was just weird, and when I found a secret about him I was honestly shocked. 
I like the front cover with the girl in the white dress behind what is to be a grey gate. It gives off a spooky yet pure image.
The prologue is inviting, whereas the ending was very sad. I thought what happened at the end was odd, and was not expecting that to happen. 
Overall it was an interesting read, and I did enjoy it. I gave this book three out of five stars.

Happy reading =)


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