Saturday, 16 March 2013

Review: Pivot Point by Kasie West

Title: Pivot Point
Author: Kasie West
Publisher: HarperTeen
Rating: 5/5 stars


Going to a school where super powers are involved may seem like the coolest thing ever, however Addie's ability puts her in a difficult situation. Her parents are divorcing, and as she can see the future when it comes to seeing the choices that are involved, she uses that to help her to decide who she should live with. Does she stay with her Mum, go to the same school with her friends and the cute quarterback? Or does she move in with her Dad, start fresh at a normal school with people that don't have abilities and make friends with the mysterious hot guy? Which future will be Addie's best choice? 

My thoughts:

I purchased this book myself as it was recommended to me by a friend who had read the ARC of it and said it was amazing. I'm glad that I listened to them and gave it a chance, as it was indeed a really great read. 
I started off reading this with a friend so we could share our personal views, etc. However, I got really into the book so much that I ended up not stopping the book and getting ahead of my friend. 
The story is told from the main character's perspective called Addie. She has a special ability of seeing the future when it comes to choices. What an amazing power, you'd think. Addie finds it to be a bit of a bother though because she has to choose to having the better life with either her Mum or her Dad. 
I really liked how it would go from what would happen if she lived with her Mum, to the life with her Dad. You can see how different things would happen, but also some similar things would occur, and then you can tell that at some point there will be some outcome. Whether it's good or bad, we don't know until nearly the end of the book. At that point, I found myself shocked and honestly felt for Addie in what decision she had to choose. I was literally like "whoa, seriously?!".
I really liked all of the characters in this story. Addie is a really strong like-able character (and she admits she likes books - which is a bonus point from me!). Laila her friend comes across as quite a feisty character. Duke is a typical quarter back (good looks, popular, etc). Trevor is a mysterious guy that we want to see more of, and I really liked him. Bobby comes across as quite a douche, and Poison, you can tell in a jerk. So all in all, the characters are described really well and come across as you either liking them or disliking them.
At first when I read this book, I was thinking it's probably not recommended for readers who have just lost their parents recently to divorce, but when reading along, it actually didn't come across as harsh. And, to be honest, the divorce factor isn't mentioned as a big of a thing; more like a one off thing near the start. 
I even really liked the romance in this story. It was sweet, and not too heavy, which was nice. 
I really like the cover to this book. It's like it's showing one side to Addie, as well as the other side; the different side.
I'm so SO glad that there is a planned sequel to this book. I honestly can't wait to read it. It will be interesting to see what the next book entails. 
I definitely recommend this book to all. So go and get it now! 

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  1. I've only seen amazing reviews for this book, and so of course I can't wait to read it. What a great concept, and an ambitious one for any writer. Looking forward to this read.