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Author Q & A with Savannah Avery

Hey guys and welcome to another Q & A.
Today's author is Savannah Avery.
Savannah reached out to me and I thought up 10 questions to ask her. 
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First of all, let's learn more about Savannah and her books...
About the Author
Savannah Avery is the author of the young adult novels "Girls" and "Keeping Fog". She is in her twenties and lives in Virginia with her wife Kendra and their dog Sassie. When she is not writing she likes to garden and read. She loves to interact with her readers.  
 Twitter: @SavannahAvery0 
Instagram: @AuthorSavannahAvery 

About the Books



Seventeen year old Fog is used to her mother's reckless dating habits. It seems like every week she has a new boyfriend. So when her mother brings home her newest guy Fog thinks nothing of it, that is until he pushes her.
Aaron loves his life, he has a great group of friends and he is going off to college in a year, everything is prefect until his mother tells him they are moving to a small beach town.
That's where Fog and Aaron meet, living next door to each other. As they fall in love the violence increases. And Aaron has to decide what is it going to take to keep Fog.



When Coco meets the girls she wants nothing more than to be apart of their group. They have everything she ever wanted- friendship, independence, beauty, and attention from boys.

But being one of the girls isn't easy. The group's leader M has strict rules and requires all of her girls to use their bodies to make her money.

How much is Coco willing to give up to be one of the girls?

And Santa's Intern will be Savanna's NEW book, and we shall be discussing that today in the Q & A.
About Santa's Intern 
It's a Christmas story about a college girl who teaches a group of people that the true meaning of Christmas is helping others. It will be published in November!  

Q & A Time!
1. Tell us about your new book and the message you want to send across with it.
 My newest book is called "santa's intern" and it's a Christmas novel. The story is about a girl who gets an amazing opportunity to change six strangers life during her college's Christmas break! What I'm most excited about this new book is that although it is a YA books, people of all ages will be able to enjoy it! I want my readers to be filled with Christmas spirit while reading "Santa's Intern" and I think the book's feel good theme will definitely accomplish that. It will be published in November! 
 2. Where is your favourite place to read?
I read everywhere! I prefer to read on the beach though, I'm lucky enough to live a few minutes from the ocean.
3. How many books do you own?
I had to count because I wasn't sure, but I just recently filled up my entire bookshelf! I have a small collection buts it's growing. Right now I have 141 books!
4. Who's your favourite author?
I have so many favorite authors. There are so many talented authors it's hard to choose. I can say I'm inspired in my own writing by YA authors such as Ellen Hopkins, Jennifer brown and Amanda Grace.
5. What are your top 5 favourite YA contemporaries?
1. The duff by Kody Keplinger (or any books by her I think she is probably the best contemporary ya author)
2. Unbreak my heart by Melissa Walker
3. But I love him by Amanda Grace
4. Stay by Deb Calletti
5. Hate List by Jennifer Brown
6. If you could be an animal, what would you be?
A dog! My dog has the most pampered life!
7. What's your favourite season?
Summer for sure! The beach, warm weather and my birthday kinda make it my favorite!

8. When you went to school/college/uni, would you go back to help someone out? Or help someone out more if you could? 
I don't know if I could have helped anyone however I wish I could have made more friends and met more people when I was in high school. As an adult I've been lucky enough to meet so many different people and wish I would of had that experience in high school. 
9. What do you want for Christmas this year?
Books! Everyone knows that's what I ask for for every holiday it birthday! Books! Books! Books!
10. What's your favourite thing to do at Christmas?
I love sitting around the Christmas tree drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies in the evening. I always over-decorate my house, it's my favorite part of Christmas!
And that's it for this Q & A guys!
I hope you do decide to follow Savannah and purchase her books!
A massive thank you to Savannah for being a part of Kitkatscanread today!

Keep smiling, keep reading and be happy!!
Thank you for taking the time to read this =)

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