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Review: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Title: The Immortal Rules
Author: Julie Kagawa
Mira Ink

Rating: 5/5 Stars


My Vampire Creator Told Me This:

‘Sometime in your life, Allison Sekemoto, you will kill a human being. The question is not if it will happen, but when. Do you understand?’

I didn't then, not really.

(From Goodreads)

My thoughts: 

I received a copy of this  from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
I had already heard great things about this book, so I was excited to begin this.
This is the first book I've read from Julie Kagawa. After being amazed by this book, I want to read more of her books. 
Kagawa is a new definite favourite author of mine.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book so much.
The storyline was interesting. It drew me in. The world that the story was based on made me want to learn more about it, and to enter it. 
I love hearing from Alli's perspective. Her character was so amazing. She told the story really well, and her willpower for certain things I admired. 
I fell in love with Zeke completely. I loved reading about him. He was such a great character. 
Even though he wasn't in the story as much as I would have liked, I really liked the character Kanin.
The writing style was so descriptive, it was very well written and easy to understand. 
The chapters are also a nice decent length.
The beginning had a great start as we are introduced to the dystopian world and the characters.
The ending ends in such a situation where I NEED to read the sequel soon. I am desperate to see what happens next!
I really like the cover to this book. It's very paranormal and doesn't come across too scary. The font is also easy enough to read. 
I have to admit: there were a lot of deaths in this book. So prepare yourself for that if you ever read this!
Overall I loved this book a lot and definitely recommend to all especially if you love paranormal books, or have read Kagawa's Iron Fey series.

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