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Review: Impossible by Komal Kant

Title: Impossible
Author: Komal Kant
Publisher: Self-published via Createspace
Rating: 5/5 stars


Ashton Summers is on her way to becoming the most popular girl in school and nothing—or no one—is going to stand in her way. Especially not Luca Byron, her freak neighbor, with his tattoos, loud music, and distracting green eyes.

Luca Byron has three goals in life: get through high school with a low profile, make sure his garage band becomes something more than a hobby, and try to forget about his insufferable ex-best friend, Ashton, who he can’t get out of his mind.

The last thing Ashton and Luca want to do is rekindle their friendship, but when Ashton takes a tumble down the social ladder, Luca—with his new makeover—is the only one who can help her rise up again by pretending to be her boyfriend. At first, being together is unbearable and annoying, but things start to change as Ashton and Luca discover the real reasons they drifted apart seven years ago.

Now, keeping their hands off each other seems impossible.

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My thoughts:  

This is an e-book that I own myself.
This book was absolutely amazing. I'd not heard of this book before I read it, so wasn't expecting it to be as good at it was.
I was hooked throughout the story, and I was enjoying it so much that I felt like I was inside the book, and with the characters.
This book is told from  two perspectives: Ashton and Luca. I like this because we get to see their opinions and feelings from both sides.
The characters all had their personalities, and it's amazing to see how Ashton changes from being a snobby cheerleader, to a caring person.  
Ashton and Luca are simply perfect for each other. They're neighbours, best friends, and already have that connection because they know each other.
Kance is such a manipulating cow that I actually wanted to enter my kindle and smack her. 
The front cover shows a guy and a girl, but they're not close together like there's going to be a steamy romance. 
The beginning was interesting and I really wanted to carry on reading. I enjoyed this book right through to the end, and I honestly couldn't find a single flaw. 
This has definitely become a new favourite of mine. 
The writing style to this book is definitely right up my street and everything is described realistically. I could picture everything clearly in my head.
Even the characters feel real.
I had myself connecting with the two main characters so much that when they were feeling sad, I was feeling sad, when they were happy, I was happy, etc. 
Overall I gave this book five out of five stars because I simply loved this book.
If you are a fan of Anna and the French Kiss, then you will LOVE this. I definitely recommend for anyone who loves a great teen romance read that is perfect.  

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Happy reading =) 


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