Sunday, 30 December 2012

Review: Who is Audrey Wickersham by Sara Shrieves Who is Audrey Wickersham?
Author: Sara Shrieves
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 4/5 stars


Audrey is really interested in witchcraft and spells, and always has been. Upon entering a shop, she begins searching for ingredients for a possible spell. Agnes, who works there, takes her to a special part of the shop called the "annex". Audrey is drawn to a particular jar, and when surprised by a shout telling her not to touch it, she knocks the jar flying, and finds the contents are being thrown all over her, and even inside her. She is then told that the contents of the jar was in fact an infectious worm called the "Zomorwai", and is forced to take a shower, go home and rest. Audrey wakes up feeling strange the next day. She is unsure of what's happening to her, and is losing herself to the curse within. Returning to the shop for more answers, she is informed that she is slowly turning into a zombie. With a council wanting to eliminate her, can Audrey, her father, a vampire friend, and Agnes help save her from what she is becoming? And, more importantly, can she really stay true to herself, or will she lose to the desire of eating who's most important to her?


My thoughts:

I received this book from the author Sara Shrieves from a discussion thread on Goodreads. This is the first book I have read from her.
There are quite a few characters in this. You have the main character Audrey, Audrey's father, Agnes who works in the shop, and their gay neighbour Bruce, who all go on a journey with Audrey to help find a cure. There's also Kirk, who is a good friend of Audrey's, and they develop a relationship throughout the story. Finally, you have a few members of a council who intends to eliminate Audrey because of what she is becoming.
Audrey is quite a fun character. She has occasional sarcastic remarks, is quite hilarious at times, and is a typical spunky young adult.
The storyline I found quite interesting, as there are quite a few supernatural beings involved, like zombies, vampires and witches. So it's nice to have them all squished into one novel.
The structure of the book is nice. The chapters aren't too long nor too short.
The ending of the book is good, as there is a lot of action involved, so it keeps you interested.
I really like the cover design of the book. It is very well designed, and looks amazing. I love how you have half a human face, and half a zombie face. It really draws you in.
Overall, I'm going to give this book four stars because I enjoyed the story, I liked the characters, and I liked the general structure of the book. Whether it is worth buying, it is up to you. If you really like stories involving zombies and other supernatural creatures, then go for it. Especially as zombies seem to be a thing at the moment, what with the TV series "The Walking Dead". I'm not entirely sure if I would read this again, but in general it was a really good book and I do recommend it with two thumbs up. 

Happy reading =)


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